Cross-Discipline Networking, Is It For You?

Have a read of this brilliant piece by Saleem A. Jalil and the benefits of cross-discipline networking.

I strongly believe in cross-discipline networking and social engagement. I can certainly recommend it as I have had firsthand experience and benefit from it. I do it because it generates referrals and new business. The main benefit, however, is exposure and more importantly Cross-Discipline Knowledge Exchange (CDKE). 

CDKE is a simple way to add value not only to what you already know but also and more importantly, to expanding the network of who you know. As a business owner it is second nature to know how to do your job such as design a building if you’re an architect or work out a balance sheet if you are an accountant. However, in my opinion, it has been proven strategically more important to be able to swiftly find the right supply chain that will help implement and complete jobs successfully with a more holistic view. Matching the right entities to the right tasks will make things happen and as a minimum meet client’s expectations.

In my case as an architect, I tend to socialise with property developers, accountants, commercial property agents, business owners and occasionally peers. We refer each other to our wider network and then repeat. This allows for an infinite cycle of cross-discipline networking (professionals, investors, prospects, others) which is mutually beneficial, leveraged and upheld. 

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Author: Saleem A. Jalil

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