Filing Deadlines for Limited Companies

Private limited companies have filing deadlines for accounts and tax returns. It is important for these deadlines to be met to avoid penalties being levied.

Limited company accounts are due to be filed with Companies House and HMRC. The deadlines for both differ and are outlined below;

Action & Deadline

1) Annual Accounts filed with Companies House – 9 months after year-end date

2) File company tax return with HMRC – 12 months after end of accounting period

The penalties (for private limited companies) for late filing of limited company accounts with Companies House are summarised as follows:

TIME AFTER DEADLINE                           PENALTY

  • Up to 1 month                                   £150
  • 1 to 3 months                                   £375
  • 3 to 6 months                                   £750
  • More than six months                    £1,500

The penalty is doubled if accounts are late two years in a row.

It is important to remember the responsibility of filing accounts rest with company directors and great care should be taken to ensure all statutory deadlines are met.

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