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Accounting for freelance photographers

As a photographer, it is understandable that you would prefer to spend time being creative and doing the work you love, rather than burying your head in bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Keeping up with business finances and tax requirements is essential as a freelancer though, and statutory deadlines must be met to stay compliant.

Trying to juggle paperwork with photo shoots and finding new clients can be tricky and this is why it is important to streamline the process as much as possible.

Saving time for freelancer photographers is a key element of our Freelancer Tax Service.

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Accounting software for photographers

Because we know how precious your time is, we work towards making your life easier. Online accounting software will save you hours of time each month and reduces human error in manual entry.

  • Activities such as invoicing can become automated to save on duplicating the same information time and time again.
  • The software links to your business bank capturing transactions at the click of a button
  • Enjoy access to a range of financial reports so you stay informed about your business finances, and your tax position.

“Since using the software provided by AJN Accountants, I have saved a day each month in recording my income and expenses, and I now have access to current financial figures”

Murray Clarke – Freelance photographer

Online Accounting Software – see the features

Taxes for Photographers

Most freelancer photographers will start off as self-employed.

It may be that you start turning your photography hobby into an income stream by picking up some paid work at weddings or corporate events, on the side of your employment contract. This is a common way to start.

However, after income builds up, it may be wise for tax purposes to trade as a limited company.

Key decisions like this are best made with the help of a specialist accountant with knowledge of the work cycle of a freelance photographer.

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At AJN we help:

  • Self-employed freelance photographers
  • Part-time freelance photographers with other employment
  • Self-employed freelance photographers convert to a limited company when it becomes beneficial for tax purposes
  • Freelance photographers grow their business strategically, through reviewing quarterly financial reports that aid accurate decision-making.

Freelance photographers trust us to help them:

  • Minimise business tax by claiming the maximum tax relief on expenses such as studio hire, printing, advertising, marketing, travel, accommodation, training, camera repairs and administration costs
  • Claim maximum tax relief when buying new photography equipment
  • Consider timing to register for VAT
  • Take advantage of valuable tax breaks to reduce your tax payments
  • Know when to register as a limited company, to save tax
  • Minimise time spent on bookkeeping activities each week or month
  • Plan the next steps of the work cycle

See what other freelance photographers say:

Murray Clarke – Freelance photographer

“After leaving my previous accountant due to very poor contact I was recommended to AJN accountants by a friend. I simply couldn’t be happier! From the initial phone call, Omair was very empathetic towards my situation and acted immediately to complete my tax return before I was due to go on a family holiday. Their advice and expertise came at a crucial time in my business and they offered sound business advice for the way forward. Following the end of the 15/16 tax year I again contacted AJN to see if an urgent tax return could be submitted to assist me in my mortgage application and nothing was too much trouble. My main dealings are with Omair who is very knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and professional. He is genuinely a great guy who has really helped my photography business and I don’t hesitate in recommending him.”

Accounting for photographers

AJN’s specialist service for freelance photographers provides you the tools to minimise the time you spend on maintaining your accounting records for tax purposes.

Our bespoke service means that we focus our attention and knowledge on helping people in the same position as you. Through our extensive experience, we understand how best to help you achieve your financial goals and it is highly likely that other freelance photographers have come to us with similar issues and questions.

This way we know the tried and tested ways to offer the best support to you at each step of the way.

  • Online Accounting software
  • Taking care of the form-filling for tax and VAT
  • Tax Advice
  • Filing VAT Return
  • Business Start-Up Guidance
  • Tax Wise Insurance
  • 7 day a week support