Landlord Tax

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Specialist tax advice for landlords and property investors

Landlords are required by law to complete an annual tax return providing details of the income and expenses relating to their rental property, or property portfolio.

The more properties you own, the more complex the calculations, although usually also the greater scope for tax planning.

Even if you own just one property, which is not your principal residence (i.e. your home), tax planning is essential to maximise tax relief in the year and also ensure you don’t fall into any tax traps for the longer-term; for example if you want to sell.

There are also varying tax rules and allowances depending on if your property is a residential property, furnished holiday let, or a commercial property, so specialist advice is essential.

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Property tax is always changing

Property tax is generally a complex area of tax planning, as the rules and regulations are always changing.

Particularly in recent years the financial prospects for landlords has been clipped by government campaigns to dampen activity in the rental market making it somewhat less attractive for investors to choose property.

Whilst owning a rental property can still be a lucrative investment, it is vital to ensure you fully understand the tax regime and maximise all opportunities to minimise tax and maximise profits whilst factoring in your personal financial goals.

At AJN we help:

  • Landlords with one rental property
  • Landlords with a property portfolio
  • Property business owners – where being a landlord is your main job
  • Limited companies with property
  • New landlords when buying
  • Existing landlords when selling
  • Landlords with other income, as part of a wider service
  • Landlords with residential property
  • Owners of furnished holiday lettings
  • Commercial property landlords

Landlords trust us to help them:

  • Minimise property tax by claiming the maximum tax relief on related rental property expenses.
  • Take advantage of valuable tax breaks to reduce your tax payments over the short and long term
  • Remain compliant and up to date with the changing regulations
  • Claim maximum tax relief when purchasing a buy to let property
  • Plan tax effectively for a potential future sale of a buy to let property, or portfolio
  • Decide if it is more tax efficient to manage the property, or properties through a limited company
  • Minimise time spent on record keeping at the month or year end
  • Consider National Insurance and VAT if required

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Landlord Tax Return Service

Remain compliant whilst saving time and tax

AJN’s specialist service for landlords means you can minimise your property tax both in the short and long term.

Our bespoke service means that we focus our attention and knowledge on helping people in the same position as you and our expertise means we

  • Accounting software, to keep a record of rental income and expenses
  • Tax Advice from purchase through to sale
  • Filing end of year Tax Return
  • Tax Wise Insurance
  • 7 day a week support